Modine Geothermal Heating And Cooling Systems

Why Choose a Geothermal System?

  • Accessibility – A Geofinity system operates the same whether you are in Minneapolis or Miami. Heat is moved into the earth in the summer, and removed from the earth in the winter.
  • Flexibility – A single unit is capable of supplying all of the heating, cooling and domestic hot water required.
  • Decreased Maintenance – With one-third of the moving parts as traditional HVAC equipment, Geofinity systems require little maintenance.
  • System Performance – Maximized efficiency is a certainty thanks to the industry-leading, proprietary Orb controls, standard on all residential units.
  • Clean – Geofinity systems produce zero carbon monoxide and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Extremely Cost Effective – Operating efficiencies of Geofinity systems can provide up to 70% savings versus traditional heating and cooling equipment.
  • Respectable ROI – By combining efficiency gains with federal rebates – up to 30% total cost – end users can expect a solid return on their investment in the near future.

How It Works

GeoExchange technology harnesses the Earth’s renewable thermal energy stored just below the surface or in large bodies of water for the purposes of providing forced air heating and cooling, hot and chilled water and dehumidification. The system exchanges the natural heating and cooling properties of the Earth between a building and the ground. This transfer of energy is the source of enhanced performance and environmental superiority as GeoExchange systems employ a small amount of electrical energy to capture, move and concentrate a large amount of “free energy” provided by the Earth. The result is the utmost in space conditioning.

The Elements

The GeoExchange system consists of three integrated components: an earth loop system, a Geofinity heat pump and a distribution system.

The earth loop provides the infrastructure for accessing and continually exchanging thermal energy between the earth and the building. The earth loop is a circuit of continuous underground or submerged high density plastic piping installed in various configurations dependent upon site characteristics. An environmentally friendly fluid circulates through the loop and transfers energy depending upon the conditioning mode.

In heating mode, the circulating fluid absorbs the earth’s natural heat energy and carries it to the heat pump. The Geofinity heat pump then uses electrically-driven compressors and heat exchangers in a vapor compression cycle to concentrate the earth’s natural thermal energy to a usable temperature and transfer it through a distribution system to all parts of the building, providing comfortable and uniform heating.

In cooling mode, the process is reversed: excess heat is drawn from the building, transferred through the system, and returned to the earth. The result is cool, conditioned air.

Residential and light-commercial geothermal systems, such as Modine’s Geofinity line, harness the renewable thermal energy stored in the Earth (ground source) or just below the surface of a large body of water (water source). This energy is then used to deliver forced-air heating and cooling, hot and chilled water and dehumidification to residential and commercial spaces.

 Geofinity Water To Water Geothermal Heat Pump Water-to-Water (Model GH/EH) – A high efficiency, eco friendly reversible and non-reversible hydronic system that provides superior hot and chilled water performance for both residential and commercial applications. Available in 2 to 6 ton sizes, this unit is engineered exclusively with the green, performance enhancing refrigerant R410A and integrates the most advanced user-friendly controls available on the market today. Learn more about Water-to-Water units.
 Geofinity Horizontal Water To Air Geothermal Heat Pump Water-to-Air – A high efficiency, eco-friendly forced-air heating and cooling system designed as the ultimate comfort solution. 1.5 to 6 ton units are offered as packaged, split condenser, split air handler, and packaged water source units. Learn more about Water-to-Air units.
 Geofinity Water To Air Geothermal Heat Pump Combination (Model GC/EC) – Designed to provide forced air heating and cooling as well as hydronic heating all in one convenient unit. Available in 3 to 6 ton sizes in both vertical and horizontal configurations this unit is designed to meet any/all space requirements for new and retrofit applications. Learn more about Combination units.

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