Horizontal Electric Heaters (Model HER)

Modine electric unit heaters provide a wide variety of options in solving comfort-heating problems. Each heater is designed for long heat-throw, uniform heat-delivery and reduced maintenance. Horizontal heater models feature hinged bottom panels for easy control access and are recommended for use in buildings where ceilings are low and with few obstructions. These electric heaters are normally placed around the perimeter of the building so that the air stream from each heater “wipes” the wall to produce a blanket of warm air along the building’s outside walls where heat loss is greatest.

Available in 5KW to 25KW range and varying voltages (208/60/1, 240/60/1, 208/60/3, 240/60/3, 460/60/3) – see brochure for complete details.


  • Deflector blades can be adjusted to lengthen or shorten heat throw as well as direct heated air up or down
  • Optional vertical deflector blades deflect air either to the left or right, permitting complete directional control over air discharge
  • Terminal and junction boxes provide easy access to: heating-element terminals, overheat control switch, the unit’s power supply and control connections.
  • Motors are enclosed and protected from thermal overload
  • Fans are statically and dynamically balanced
  • An automatically re-setting overheat control interrupts the power supply to the heating elements in the event of overheating. This control resets once the element is at a safe temperature.
  • Fan and motor assemblies are exposed and can be removed without lowering the unit heater
  • Made in the USA.



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