Modine Cabinet Unit Heaters (Models C/CW)

Modine cabinet unit heaters effectively make each area served an independent heating zone. Through thermostatic control of heater operations, conditions can be varied to suit diverse requirements or activities. Optional controls along with outside and return-air dampers are available to provide for ventilation and recirculation of room air.

Modine cabinet unit heaters are available in a choice of two models and eight sizes to properly match units to job requirements. This versatility eliminates compromising architecture or design. Important cost savings are often realized during building modernizations, as existing piping and/or wiring can frequently be reused.

Design techniques are incorporated in every cabinet unit heater to reduce noise levels to an absolute minimum. These techniques include low blower speeds, rigid panel and cabinet construction, and sound-absorbent cabinet insulation.

Clean, uncluttered designs and compact dimensions allow Modine cabinet unit heaters to blend into any environment and minimize installation space. The standard cabinet finish is a light-tan baked enamel, and optional factory-applied decorative colors are also available. When special decorative colors are required, cabinets may also be refinished on the job.

Modine’s Cabinet Unit Heaters are Made in the USA.


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