Make-Up Air – Direct Indoor/Outdoor (Model MDB, MRB)

Modine has developed the best in direct-fired, make-up-air units – the MDB (Single and Two Speed 100% Make-Up Air) and MRB (Fresh and Return Air). These units are designed to provide an economical and efficient means of supplying tempered make-up air to a space or building.

Available in eight airflow configurations, the units cover a wide variety of applications.

For buildings requiring 100% make-up air, direct-fired units provide the best fuel efficiency (100% thermal efficiency, 92% sensible).

Standard Features:

  • 100% thermal efficiency (92% sensible) results in lower fuel bills
  • Units are designed for indoor or outdoor mounting, providing flexibility in applications or design, as well as simplifying installation
  • Natural or propane gas manifolds are factory-assembled to provide flexible fuel options and to reduce field-installation, start-up costs and problems
  • Factory-wired electrical panel with numbered terminals significantly reduces start-up delays
  • 100% factory flame-testing eliminates the majority of field start-up problems caused by defective controls
  • Weatherproof roof with drip ledge provides protection from water being drawn into the unit from the roof
  • 18-gauge galvanized steel casing provides high corrosion protection for long life
  • Adjustable drives through 10 HP simplify air balancing and eliminates the need to change drives
  • Four access doors provide maximum access for easy adjustments and service
  • 22:1 firing rate turndown for optimum temperature control
  • Made in the USA



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