Power Throw Hydronic Unit Heater (Model PT/PTN)

The performance of Modine’s Power-Throw (PT) unit heaters is characterized by a powerful, high-velocity air delivery system ranging from 1,860 to 2,520 cubic feet per minute. Consequently, these heavy-duty units are recommended to heat areas around frequently-opened large doors or wherever exceptionally long horizontal “heat throw” is required over wide areas and where sound minimization is not critical.

In warehouses and large industrial buildings, a few Power Throw heaters can often replace a larger number of conventional horizontal delivery units, resulting in equipment and piping cost savings. Adjustable horizontal air deflector blades are standard.

Modine’s upgraded PTN models provide the same features and application versatility as the conventional PT models and more. Since the PTN unit heaters have coils made from cupro-nickel tubes, they have extra strength to withstand higher steam-pressures or water-temperatures, and corrosive steam or water conditions.

Modine’s Power-Throw Hydronic unit heaters are Made in the USA.

Modine Power Throw Hydronic Unit Heater Model PT
Typical applications for Modine hydronic steam/hot-water unit heaters - residential, government buildings, universities, hospitals, commercial / industrial, car washes, underground parking lots, etc.


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