RBI Boilers and Hot Water Heaters

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RBI Boilers and Hot Water Heaters

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  3. Non-Condensing Boilers


With efficiency levels reaching 99%, RBI’s series of condensing boilers and water heaters ensure that efficiency this high is now within reach. And with unique condensing boilers available, we’re sure that we have a high efficiency boiler option that will not only live up to the RBI name, but will tackle whatever challenge you throw its way.


FlexCore Symmetrical Firetube boilers bring hydronic heating products to unprecedented levels of operating efficiency. FlexCore was designed, developed and engineered by the experts at RBI.

Engineered for performance and longevity, FlexCore utilizes a perfectly temperature-balanced heat exchanger that provides not only the highest efficiencies but also a durability beyond that of any competitive firetube boiler on the market.

  • 1,500 – 6,000 MBH
  • 96.8% AHRI Certified
  • Up to 99% Maximum Efficiency
  • Symmetrical Firetube Heat Exchanger
  • Primary/Secondary, Full Flow and
  • Variable Flow Systems
  • Full Modulation
  • Patented “Turbo Pilot” 8,000 BTU/h Ignition
  • HeatNet 3.0 Integrated Control Platform
  • Touchscreen Programming & Diagnostics
  • Modbus, LonWorks, BACnet BMS Integration
  • Low NOx & CO
  • Modern Jacket Design
  • Premium Efficiency
  • Superior Durability
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance
  • Versatile Footprint Fits Through 36”
  • Door (ALL SIZES)
  • PVC & Polypropylene (PP) Vent*

.*Pending Certification

Futera Fusion XLF

2,500–4,000 | 5:1 Modulation
As a fully condensing boiler and water heater, the Fusion XLF features an innovative design that brings superior power and energy efficiency with premium boiler performance and serviceability, all together in
an unprecedented, industry-leading, small-package design.

Ideal for commercial boiler applications with low operating, return or make-up water temperatures, the Fusion XLF is capable of reaching efficiencies as high as 99% at full input. With full modulation up to 5:1 in a single unit, the firing system continuously varies the energy input to match the heating load without overfiring and wasting fuel – providing extremely high part-load efficiencies.

The Fusion XLF also features HeatNet 3.0, an intuitive boiler control system that monitors system characteristics and modulates boiler firing rates, maximizing turndown ratios and maintaining peak efficiency, regardless of the load.

  • Up to 99% Efficiency
  • Full Modulation with Continuous, 5:1 Turndown
  • Sealed Combustion/Direct Vent
  • Symmetrically Air/Fuel Coupled
  • Commercial Combustion Controls
  • HeatNet 3.0 Integrated Boiler Control Platform
  • Gasketless Heat Exchanger Assembly
RBI Boiler Condensing FuteraFusionXLF

Futera Fusion

500–2,000 MBH | 4:1 Modulation
Unlike most condensing boilers and water heaters that produce the highest efficiencies at the lowest inputs, the Futera Fusion can attain efficiencies as high as 99% at full input. The full modulation firing system continuously varies the energy input to precisely match heating load without overfiring or wasting fuel.

The Futera Fusion’s heat exchanger was designed using a low-mass, gasketless primary heat exchanger with finned copper tube or Cupro-Nickel tubing – providing superior heat transfer, resistance to scaling and protection against thermal shock.

The condensing secondary heat exchanger is constructed from solid stainless steel and is designed to operate at the boiler’s full flow rate. The unit operates in full condensing mode at all times, while a state-of-the-art temperature mixing system protects the boiler’s primary heat exchanger. In addition, this design also offers a larger heat transfer surface area – more so than any competitive product currently available.

  • Full Modulation with Continuous, 4:1 Turndown
  • Sealed Combustion/Direct Vent
  • Symmetrically Air/Fuel Coupled
  • Sealed Combustion/Direct Vent
  • Commercial Combustion Controls
  • HeatNet 3.0 Integrated Boiler Control Platform
  • Gasketless Heat Exchanger Assembly

Infinite Energy2

199–1,000 MBH | Up To 20:1 Modulation
Infinite Energy² is available from 199 to 1000 MBH, providing flexible solutions for all of your heating and domestic hot water system needs. Utilizing state-of-the-art Radial Variable Circulation (RVC) stainless steel heat exchangers, IE² maximizes heat transfers and can achieve operating efficiencies up to 98%.

Using all of today’s modern technologies, including pre-mix burners, modulating firing rates up to 20:1 single unit modulation and integrated cascade controls, IE² offers superior performance and application
flexibility. Units are PVC, polypropylene and stainless steel vent capable and can be installed in multiple unit configurations using its onboard boiler control configuration – providing flexible modulation and maximum efficiencies.

  • Up to 98% Ultra-High Efficiency
  • RVC Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
  • PVC, PP and Stainless Steel Venting
  • Intuitive Integrated Control Platform
  • Multi-unit Cascade Communication
  • Pre-Mix Burner Technology
  • Low NOx and CO Emissions
  • 3” Minimum Gas Pressure
  • 160 PSI Working Pressure
  • Integrated Condensate Neutralizer System
RBI Boiler Condensing InfiniteEnergy2


Delivering efficiencies up to 88%, RBI’s selection of near-condensing boilers and water heaters are built for use in high efficiency applications that do not require condensing equipment. Capable of full modulation with reduced footprints, all RBI near-condensing models are constructed for simple installation and maintenance.

Futera XLF

2,500–5,000 MBH | 5:1 Modulation

RBI’s Futera XLF gives you the power and flexibility to fit any commercial application. Available in 2,500 to 5,000 MBH, the Futera XLF has operating efficiencies up to 88% and turndown ratios of 5:1 for maximum energy optimization. The Futera XLF provides advanced, efficient performance with unmatched outputs, all within a compact footprint.

The Futera XLF features integral HeatNet 3.0 boiler control software that can act as a boiler management system, capable of networking up to sixteen units without requiring any external boiler control panel. With such advanced performance in a small space, even older boiler systems can benefit from the addition of contemporary efficiency for existing heating or domestic hot water systems. For new construction,  the Futera XLF provides a modular configuration with an output unmatched by today’s market.

  • 88% Maximum Efficiency
  • Cast Iron Headers (Boilers)
  • Bronze Headers (Water Heaters)
  • Full Modulation with Smooth, 5:1 Turndown
  • Finned Copper Tube Heat Exchanger
  • HeatNet 3.0 Integrated Boiler Management System
  • Turbo Pilot Sure-Fire Ignition
  • Multiple Venting Options
  • Category I, II and IV Venting

Futera III

500–1,999 MBH | 4:1 Modulation

Futera III, a near-condensing boiler and water heater, features full modulation with 4:1 turndown while supplying the precise amount of heat necessary to maintain desired building temperature by matching heating demand without overfiring or wasting energy.

These dependable, easy-to-service boilers feature rugged construction and sleek, stainless steel jacket design. With models ranging from 500-1999 MBH, all Futera III units come equipped with HeatNet 3.0 boiler control software, ensuring the highest operating efficiencies of any domestic boiler and hydronic heating system on the market.

  • 88% Maximum Efficiency
  • Full Modulation with 4:1 Turndown
  • Cast Iron Headers (Boilers)
  • Bronze Headers (Water Heaters)
  • HeatNet 3.0 Integrated Boiler Management System
  • Finned Copper Tube Heat Exchanger
  • Symmetrically Air/Fueled Coupled
  • Gasketless Heat Exchanger Assembly
  • Stainless Steel Jacket Pane
  • Category I, II and IV Venting

Futera II

500–1,950 MBH | On/Off or 2-Stage

Futera II Series hot water supply boilers provide dependable performance with 85% efficiency levels, alongside industry-leading NOx levels of less than 10 ppm. With sizing that ranges from 500 to 1,950 MBH, the Futera II provides a high concentration of BTUs in a small footprint, making it an excellent choice for jobs where mechanical space is limited, as well as other modular, step-fired boiler applications.

The Futera II’s compact, low maintenance boiler and venting flexibility allow for easy installation and service, making it the ideal unit for any hot water supply application. Futera II units have the ability to use room air for combustion and are also capable of drawing in air from the outside for sealed combustion. Units can be set up to vent vertically as Category I appliances or horizontally as Category III through a sidewall, making the Futera II ideal for buildings without chimneys, where roof penetrations cannot exist or on electric-to-gas conversions.

  • Up to 85% Efficiency
  • Advanced Diagnostic Panel
  • Cast Iron Headers (Boilers)
  • Bronze Headers (Water Heaters)
  • Flame Safeguard Control
  • One-Piece Header Design
  • Stainless Combustion Chamber
  • Vertical or Horizontal Venting Options
  • 2-Stage Digital Operator


300–2,100 MBH | 2-Stage/4-Stage

With sizing from 300 to 2,100 MBH, the Dominator offers the ultimate flexibility in boiler and water heater application, all at a competitive price. With efficiencies of 85% and B vent approved, the Dominator has one of the highest efficiency levels available in the non-condensing boiler and water heater market. Capable of operating using mechanical room air for combustion or by drawing outside air directly as a sealed combustion product, the Dominator can vent combustion gases vertically or horizontally with factory equipped draft-inducer kits.

In applications where mechanical space is limited, the Dominator’s stackable frame option allows units to be stacked two-high, adding valuable BTUs while keeping the footprint to the size of a single unit. In addition, the Dominator provides up to four stages of firing, allowing the boiler to match the heating load more closely.

And with built-in serviceability features, including a slide out heat exchanger, contractors no longer need to remove the heat exchanger for service or repair, which, when coupled with high efficiencies, makes the Dominator a cost-saving option for any boiler application.

  • Up to 85% Efficiency
  • 2 or 4-Stage Firing Modes (300 On/Off Only)
  • Glass Lined Headers
  • Optional Bronze Headers
  • Finned Copper Tube Heat Exchanger – Two-Pass
  • Stackable Frame (Seismic Approval up to Zone 4)
  • Direct Vent (up to 35’ Equivalent)
  • Category I & III Venting


As boiler systems go, non-condensing engineering is a tried and true design. RBI’s selection of high efficiency non-condensing boilers and water heaters run the gamut when it comes to cost savings, easy boiler installation and increased energy savings. And because they’re backed by RBI, you can be sure that any non-condensing boiler system you install is built tough and built to last.


100–399 MBH | On/Off or 2-Stage
Spectrum Series boilers and hot water heaters offer some of the highest thermal efficiencies possible in a non-condensing unit. With models ranging from 100 to 399 MBH, Spectrum’s unique design and optional corrosion-resistant, stainless steel jackets make them ideal for indoor and outdoor installations in corrosive or harsh environments.
A unique feature within this MBH range, the Spectrum Series’ diagnostic control panel allows for easy troubleshooting, and, when coupled with the self-diagnostic light package, makes the Spectrum Series easy to assess, maintain and service. All Spectrum Series gas-fired boilers and hot water heaters are constructed for application flexibility, and feature built-in draft diverters to lower the height of the unit and reduce installation costs.

  • Glass Lined Headers
  • Optional Bronze Headers
  • Automatic Reset High Limit 100-200
  • Manual Reset High Limit 250-400
  • Built-in Draft Diverter
  • Stainless Steel Burners
  • Inlet & Outlet Thermometers
  • Mounted and Wired Flow Switch
  • Vent Damper (100-250 MBH Boilers Only)
  • Self-Diagnostic Light Package
  • Pump Control
  • Electronic Ignition

LCD Dominator

400–2,300 MBH | On/Off or 2-Stage
The LCD Dominator Series offers a budget-conscious, near-condensing, indoor/outdoor boiler and water heating unit that meets low NOx requirements, while maintaining superior performance and serviceability that RBI is known for. The LCD provides dependable performance in a wide range of rugged environments and process applications with a wide 400 to 2,300 MBH range.
At the heart of the unit is a sealed combustion chamber that provides the flexibility of using outside or mechanical room air for combustion. Priced in line with other atmospheric boilers, the LCD features smaller vent sizes, resulting in lower installation and operation costs.
The LCD features a robust, compact design that is constructed with high-quality materials, which, when paired with a proven pilot ignition system and a wide variety of venting options, makes this unit one of the most dependable boilers in the commercial boiler market.

  • Finned Copper Tube Heat Exchanger
  • On/Off, All Sizes 2-Stage, 600–2,300
  • Glass Lined Headers
  • Optional Bronze Headers
  • Category I Vertical Venting
  • Category III Thru-Wall Venting (up to 35’)
  • Slide-Out Heat Exchanger
  • Stackable Frame (Seismic Approval up to Zone 4)



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