ThermoTek Heating And Ventilation Systems

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ThermoTek Heating And Ventilation Systems

ThermoTek designs, develops and sells clean air solutions for a variety of mechanical ventilation systems.

ThermoTek’s History

ThermoTek was created with a mechanical focus in 1999. The products were derived from a sister division, Rupp Air, which has been manufacturing ventilation equipment since 1965. ThermoTek brought innovative manufacturing methods to the ventilation products to help improve quality, shorten lead times and stay competitive.

ThermoTek has become North America’s largest producer of direct-fired make-up air systems with over 7,500 units shipped in 2012. Due to robust growth, the company has opened 2 new plants in the last 5 years, including the Groveland, FL facility in Fall 2013. These new plants, in addition to the 4 other facilities, have further assisted in keeping lead times and shipping costs down, while maintaining very high quality products at competitive rates.

ThermoTek builds very high quality products at very competitive prices. It has some of the best lead times in the industry as a result of six manufacturing plants in the US, latest one (Groveland, FL) opened in October 2013

ThermoTek’s Office & Plant Locations

  1. Redding, CA
  2. Bedford, PA
  3. Muskogee, OK
  4. Youngsville, NC
  5. West Union, IA
  6. Groveland, FL

ThermoTek’s Products

ThermoTek manufactures a wide range of kitchen ventilation systems. They design and manufacture a variety of kitchen hoods (island, low proximity), exhaust fans (axial downblast, axial wallmount, ceiling & in-line, centrifugal downblast, centrifugal upblast) and direct-fired make-up air systems.

Compact Direct Fired Axial Downblast Accessories Energy Management System
Direct Fired Axial Wallmount Economy Grease Duct
Direct Fired Industrial Horizontal Ceiling & Inline Inline Filtered Island Hood
Direct Fired Industrial Vertical Centrifugal Downblast Modular Packaged Unit Low Proximity Hood
Electric Centrifugal Upblast Rooftop Filtered Pollution Control
Indirect Fired Inline Wall Canopy Hood

ThermoTek Values

The back-bone of ThermoTek is Customer Service.  The company has developed a wide range of products “Designed with the End-User in Mind”.  The Thermotek team provides added solutions with “You in Mind”.

ThermoTek’s Milestones

  • ThermoTek has provided several “green solutions” to assist in gaining LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification, including first LEED gold rated facility in Alaska.
  • ThermoTek has provided “On demand” kitchen ventilation systems for reduced energy use and rebate incentives with local gas providers.
  • ThermoTek has provided low energy usage solutions to meet EPAct (Energy Policy Act of 2005) requirements, assisting with rebates of up to $.60 per square foot for the ventilation system alone.

All projects from kitchen ventilation to warehouse heating are designed specific to each project to ensure minimal energy usage and maximum efficiency/performance.


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