Modine Unitary/Applied

Unit Heaters
Duct Furnaces
Steam / Hot Water Heaters
Electric Heaters
Make-up Air Units
Hydronic Applied Products
Packaged Rooftop Ventilation

Modine Atherion

The AtherionTM is the ideal commercial ventilation solution to bring fresh, tempered outside air into your facility. AtherionTM commercial ventilation system can be customized to meet your outside ventilation air requirements, regardless of your geographic location.

Koldwave Portable A/C's

A leader in air- and water-cooled portable air conditioning solutions, Koldwave has assembled a comprehensive selection of state-of-the-art portable air-conditioning systems, capable of addressing the full spectrum of temporary, spot, and emergency HVAC cooling applications.

Kitchen HVAC Systems

ThermoTek designs, develops and sells clean air solutions for a variety of mechanical ventilation systems.

Infrared Heaters

The Evolution of Infrared is Here!!
a) Single Stage
b) Two Stage
c) Modulating
d) Harsh Environment
e) Residential
f) Low Clearance
g) Agricultural

Radiant Electric Heat

Comfortable - Economical - Convenient
a) 90% radiant efficient
b) Easy install, no maintenance
c) 10-year warranty
d) ULC approved
e) For use in commercial, institutional, residential or industrial applications
f) Armstrong TechzoneTM Ceiling System Compatible

Continental Fan

Continental Fan offers a wide variety of Ventilation Products for Commercial, Industrial and Residential applications.
a) Exhaust fans
b) Destratification fans
c) Blowers - utility / centrifugal
d) Ventilators
e) Range hood exhaust
...and many more.

RBI Boilers & Water Heaters

RBI offers one of the most complete lines of boilers and water heaters available today. Models are available to fit any commercial application, from non-condensing to full condensing in an exceedingly wide range of 100,000 to 6,000,000 BTU/hr.

Hydronic HVAC is a leader in cost-effective and energy-saving solutions that are good for you, your company and the environment. We represent a full line of heating solutions for high volume areas.

Hydronic HVAC is proud to be one of the select few factory authorized distributors chosen to sell Modine heating products.

Gas unit heaters. Gas infrared heaters. Steam and hot water unit heaters. Oil fired unit heaters. Electric unit heaters. They are among the core Modine products found in millions of commercial, industrial and residential facilities throughout the world. Whether your project requires a residential heater for your garage or large commercial heaters for a 500,000 square foot warehouse addition, Hydronic HVAC and Modine have the solution.