Make-Up Air – Indirect Indoor Gravity Vented (Model DBG)

The Modine indoor gravity vented duct furnace with blower and/or cooling sections was designed for use with a building’s heating, heating/ventilating/cooling and make-up air systems. Modine gravity vented duct furnaces are specifically designed for low cost installations. Available in 17 model sizes, the unit covers a wide variety of applications. They have input ranges from 75,000 to 1,200,000 Btu/Hr and can operate on either natural or propane gas. The airflow ranges from 556 to 14,500 CFM and the airflow direction can be specified when ordering the unit. The unit can be provided with a cooling coil section with either a factory installed DX or chilled water cooling coil or the coil can be provided by others.

Modine Indirect Fired Indoor Gravity Vented Makeup Air Unit Model-DBG

Standard Features:

  • ETL certification of the entire system unit
  • 18-gauge insulated aluminized steel blower cabinet with a baked-on polyester powder paint finish on exterior casing parts
  • Blower performance up to 3.0″ W.C. external static pressure
  • Made in the USA

Optional Features:

  • DX or chilled water section with factory installed cooling coil
  • Double wall construction for blower and/or cooling cabinet
  • Dead-front disconnect switches
  • Two position, modulating, building pressure sensing, three position, building management (0 – 10 Vdc or 4 – 20 mA input) damper actuators
  • Blower and motor vibration isolation



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