Hydronic HVAC Toolkit App – Android & iOS

Hydronic HVAC Toolkit app is a tool that provides most common info on Modine unit heaters (gas-fired, steam/hot-water and electric) such as combustion, electrical, venting, dimensions, weight, clearance to combustibles, etc.

Hydronic HVAC Toolkit app is ideal for engineers specifying Modine unit heaters in HVAC projects, Modine re-sellers (counter sales, outside sales) selling Modine unit heaters and contractors installing them. It allows quick access to Modine unit heater specs on-site or when you are not in front of a PC/laptop.

At your fingertips is info available on all these unit heaters –

  • Eleven gas-fired models, sizes available from 30,000-400,000 Btu/hr. input
  • Seven steam/hot-water models, sizes available from 18,000-952,000 Btu/hr. (@ 2psi steam)
  • Four electric models, sizes available from 5-50 kW

Download Hydronic HVAC Toolkit app –

Hydronic-HVAC-Toolkit-App-Screen-1 Hydronic-HVAC-Toolkit-App-Screen-2 Hydronic-HVAC-Toolkit-App-Screen-3 Hydronic-HVAC-Toolkit-App-Screen-4 Hydronic-HVAC-Toolkit-App-Screen-5


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