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Hydronic HVAC Toolkit App – Android & iOS

Hydronic HVAC Toolkit app is a tool that provides most common info on a range of HVAC equipment manufactured by Modine (unit heaters – gas-fired, steam/hot-water, electric), Koldwave (portable ACs), Reflected Heat Design (infrared tube heaters), Radiant Electric Heat (infrared), Continental FansThermoTek (kitchen heating & ventilation systems), RBI (boilers / hot water heaters), KN Series (cast iron boilers)

You can find info such as combustion, electrical, venting, dimensions, weight, clearance to combustibles, common parts list, etc. on Modine unit heaters; competitive cross-reference for infrared tube heaters and more.

Also, new in this revision is a Make-Up Air Selection Form that allows you to quickly submit specs and pics for a reliable, application accurate quote. You also receive specs submitted via the form, emailed to you for your records.

Hydronic HVAC Toolkit app is a quick reference guide for engineers specifying Modine unit heaters in HVAC projects, Modine re-sellers (counter sales, outside sales) selling Modine unit heaters and contractors installing them. It allows quick access to Modine unit heater specs on-site or when you are not in front of a PC/laptop.

At your fingertips is info available on all these Modine unit heaters –

  • Eleven gas-fired models, sizes available from 30,000-400,000 Btu/hr. input
  • Seven steam/hot-water models, sizes available from 18,000-952,000 Btu/hr. (@ 2psi steam)
  • Four electric models, sizes available from 5-50 kW

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