Modine Steam/Hot Water Heaters

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The hydronic unit heater was invented by A.B. Modine over 90 years ago, and today this product line remains one of the most popular unit heater types. Available with top/bottom (HS) or side (HC) inlet/outlet piping, these heaters install quickly, easily and at low cost because they are lightweight. Yet they are ruggedly constructed to resist rigorous handling and on-the-job abuse.

Residential Hot Water Unit Heater (HHD) – The Hot Dawg H2O is the first of its kind in North America – a low profile hot water unit heater with no external moving parts. Ideal for residential garages, basements and vestibules, as well as commercial, industrial, and institutional installations. Learn more about the Residential Hot Water Unit Heater (HHD).

Horizontal Unit Heaters (HSB/HC) – The horizontal steam/hot water unit heater is ideal for general commercial and industrial applications. Available with top/bottom (HSB) or side (HC) inlet/outlet piping. Learn more about the Horizontal Hydronic Unit Heater (HSB/HC).

Vertical Unit Heaters (V/VN) – Recommended for a wide range of heating requirements, vertical steam/hot water unit heaters provide downward air delivery. These units may be suspended from up to 54 feet above the floor, depending upon the heater specifications. Learn more about the Vertical Hydronic Unit Heater (V/VN).

Power Throw Heaters (PT/PTN) – Carrying a powerful, high-velocity air delivery system ranging from 1,860 to 2,520 cubic feet per minute, these heaters are recommended to warm areas around frequently-opened doors or wherever long horizontontal heat throws are required. Learn more about the Power Throw Hydronic Unit Heater (PT).

Lodronic Hydronic Unit Heater (HCH) – The Lodronic Hydronic Unit Heater is designed to maximize efficiency with minimum size.


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