Modine Hydronic Applied Products

For jobs that require custom, engineered steam/hot water heating solutions, Modine’s cabinet unit heater, convector and fin-tube products are the solution for you. All three of these products are available in a number of sizes and colours to match the decor and requirements of your application.

Modine Cabinet Unit Heaters Cabinet Unit Heaters (C/CW) – Looking for a cost-effective way to make independent heating zones? The cabinet unit heater is your answer. Through thermostatic control of heater operations, conditions can be varied to suit diverse requirements. Optional controls and outside and return-air dampers provide for ventilation and recirculation of room air. Learn more about Cabinet Unit Heaters (C/CW).
 Modine Convectors Convectors (SL/FL/SF/PL/WL/RL) – Convectors provide maximum installation flexibility for a variety of applications. Available in a number of models, convectors can be partially recessed, wall hung, and free standing. The heating elements can be used for hot water or steam. Learn more about Convectors (SL/FL/SF/PL/WL/RL).
  Fin-Tube Radiation (SP/TA/S/F/R/RF/SF/T/P/PA/FT/EM) – Fin tube radiation heaters come in a variety of enclosure styles to meet most any application or architectural style and are available in two- to eight-foot lengths with a variety of colours to match most decors. Learn more about Fin-Tube Radiation (SP/TA/S/F/R/RF/SF/T/P/PA/FT/EM).

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