Steam/Hot Water Heaters (Models HSB & HC)

Proven as one of the most popular of all unit-heater types, the horizontal steam/hot water unit heater is ideal for general commercial and industrial applications. Available with top/bottom (Model HSB) or side (Model HC) inlet/outlet.

The Modine horizontal hot water/steam with Top and Bottom piping connections unit heater include an electrical junction box, either integral to the motor or mounted on the unit casing, to allow for easy electrical connections. Horizontal delivery unit heaters are the most popular of all types. These units are ideal for heating buildings with large open areas and low ceilings. They are used to counter heat loss along outside building walls, especially where windows are present. The Modine HSB Hot Water/Steam unit heaters are very quiet thanks to the use of carefully selected motors, fans, and scientifically designed venturi fan shrouds.

Modine horizontal steam/hot water unit heaters install quickly, easily and at low cost because they are lightweight. Yet they are ruggedly constructed to resist rigorous handling and on-the-job abuse. Adjustable horizontal air-deflector blades are standard with optional vertical blades available to permit complete air-direction control. A built-in safety guard provides protection from an exposed fan. Modine horizontal steam/hot water unit heaters are also available in low outlet-temperature models.

Typical applications for Modine hydronic steam/hot-water unit heaters - residential, government buildings, universities, hospitals, commercial / industrial, car washes, underground parking lots, etc.

Product Features:

  • Deflector blades can be adjusted to lengthen or shorten heat throw as well as direct heated air up or down.
  • Optional vertical deflector blades deflect air either to the left or right, permitting complete directional control over air discharge.
  • Squared off corners for a clean, smooth appearance.
  • Motors are enclosed and protected from thermal overload.
  • Fans are statically and dynamically balanced.
  • Copper tube and copper coil connections located on the Top and Bottom for low clearance applications.
  • An electric junction box for easy electrical connections.
  • Baked on gray-green, electrostatically applied polyester powdercoat, environmentally friendly paint.
  • Listed by the Canadian Standards Association and CRN registered heat exchanger.
  • Quiet operation.
  • 2-piece casing for easy coil access.
  • Coil designed for greater water carrying capacity with lower friction loss.



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