Gas-Fired Unit Heater Selection Criteria

This blog aims to guide HVAC professionals which unit heater model is appropriate for a given application. To recommend a heating solution to your customer that will deliver the result(s) desired, knowing the application is of utmost importance. Heating solution for a space being used as a warehouse (people walking) would be very different than space being used as an office (people sitting) or a church (noise levels from moving parts in the heating equipment). Factors to consider when selecting a heating solution for an application What is the space being used for? Does the application

Make-up Air Units Explained

What is a Make-up Air Unit? Make-up air (MUA) systems perform their stated task.  They bring in fresh air to ‘make-up’ for air that has been removed from a building, or add extra air required for a specific purpose.  The MUA equipment tempers this air and delivers it at a desired condition and volume to suit the requirement. Examples where make-up air may be required: Kitchens using exhaust hoods Manufacturing applications exhausting air such as paint booths Building pressurization MUA units are typically situated on roof spaces and direct the

Infrared Heating Explained

What Is Infrared Heating? Infrared heaters heat spaces with heat transfer by radiation. Just like the sun, it will heat people, floors, tools, vehicles, and any other objects in a space. Those objects then re-radiate heat with convective energy to the space. What is included with an Infrared Tube Heater? Most low intensity style heaters come with a burner, emitter (tubes), an engineered radiant reflector (shield) to direct all the energy down towards the mass below. Why choose Infrared over Hot Air Heaters? Different buildings and spaces have very different needs and

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