Steam/Hot Water Heaters (Models V/VN)

Proven as one of the most popular of all unit-heater types, the horizontal steam/hot water unit heater is ideal for general commercial and industrial applications. Available with top/bottom (Model HS) or side (Model HC) inlet/outlet.

Recommended for a wide range of heating requirements, vertical steam/hot water unit heaters provide downward air delivery. These units may be suspended from up to 54 feet above the floor, depending upon the size of the heater, steam pressure (or hot-water temperature) and air deflector selected.
Four optional deflector-assemblies are available, each with its own air-distribution characteristics. Patterns vary from a high-volume jet-like stream to a low, broad, gentle cone. Modine vertical steam/hot water unit heaters are also available in low outlet-temperature models.

Protected by a cooling cone to shield it from the condenser heat, the heater’s motor can be removed through the venturi opening in the bottom of the unit heater for easy service. Sheet-metal casing parts are rust-protected before the application of an attractive gray-green, baked-on, high-solids paint finish.

In addition to the conventional V models, Modine offers VN unit heaters featuring heavy-duty coils with cupro-nickel tubes. These VN models are ideal for industrial installations with corrosive atmospheres or where higher steam-pressures or water temperatures are present. Available up to a maximum output of 952,000 Btu/Hr, the VN models can withstand operating temperatures up to 400°F and pressures up to 250 psi.

Typical applications for Modine hydronic steam/hot-water unit heaters - residential, government buildings, universities, hospitals, commercial / industrial, car washes, underground parking lots, etc.


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